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  • Fidget Gyro Hand Finger Spinner

    Gender: Unisex Age Range: > 3 years old Plastic Type: PVC Item Type: Single Features: Mini Diameter: 7.6cm Material: Plastic This item is sold brand new. It is ordered on demand from our overseas supplier and is...
    R 99.00
  • $100 Toilet Roll

    Do you wish you were rich enough to flush money down the toilet? Now you can with this authentic looking $100 bill toilet paper. If you want to show your...
    R 136.80
  • 25s Wind Up Panoramic Pod with Mini-Tripod (for iPhone® & Android) 25s Wind Up Panoramic Pod with Mini-Tripod (for iPhone® & Android)
    Sold Out

    25s Wind Up Panoramic Pod with Mini-Tripod (for iPhone® & Android)

    What is a holiday without a beautiful scenic shot or 2? Everyone loves them but it's quite hard to get it right first time! With the Panoramic Pod, you can...
    R 450.30
  • 6-in-1 Tool Pen - Black 6-in-1 Tool Pen - Black
    Sold Out

    6-in-1 Tool Pen - Black

    More than just a pen this multi-tool pen is compact but packs a wallop. At the same size as a normal ballpoint pen this 6-in-1 pen does it all! The...
    R 169.86
  • 7-in-1 Solar Space Fleet

    Create your own space station with the 7 in 1 solar rechargeable space fleet! Fun and easy to assemble for children and adults alike; this solar space toy kit enhances...
    R 511.86
  • Best Man Rhodium Cufflinks Set

    This stylish pair of cufflinks that will add flair to any cuff. Rhodium cufflinks are not only exquisite but durable, so they'll last a lifetime without the need for polishing...
    R 336.30
  • Book Safe Mini Lockable Safe

    Keep your valuables secure with this ingenious book-lookalike safe. Not only does it keep your valuables under lock and key, but with its New English Dictionary cover it could easily...
    R 279.00
  • Car Vent Clip-on Smartphone Holder

    This air vent holder allows access to all the functions on your Smartphone whilst being gripped to the cars air vent. Compatible with most Smartphones and easy to fit. Whether...
    R 149.00
  • Ceramic Camera Lens Cup

    If you like a bit more substance to your morning coffee mug, look no further than the Ceramic Camera Lens Cup. This Mug is made out of quality ceramic and...
    R 385.00
  • Charred Whiskey Glasses (Set of 2)

    The flavours from your favourite whiskey are enhanced by the process of "charring" the oak barrels that they're matured in. Through the charring process, the natural sugars in the wood...
    R 283.86
  • Craft Beer Tasting Kit

    Become a beer expert and conduct your own taste tests. Features information about history, flavours and aromas. A great way to learn whilst having fun with your friends. Labelled bottle bags allow for blind...
    R 249.00
  • Cursor Icon Fridge Magnet Set

    For anyone who’s ever browsed the net, downloaded an app or simply used a computer, cursor icons are a familiar part of digital life – and with the invention of...
    R 149.00
  • Da Vinci Catapult

    Get a deeper understanding of one of history's great geniuses with this fully working, scale model of a Leonardo Da Vinci Catapult. Leonardo Da Vinci - artist, musician, writer, architect,...
    R 380.00
  • Das Horn Viking Drinking Horn (with strap)

    Tired of drinking from pint glasses, flasks or - heaven forbid - gold chalices? Try DAS HORN. Feel like a viking conqueror without all the "I'm drinking out of an...
    R 595.00
  • Diamond Whiskey Glasses Set (2 pcs)

    Be the diamond in the rough with this set of diamond style glasses. Fashioned to look like a diamond; these glasses stand at an angle which allows you to rotate...
    R 678.30
  • Digital Luggage Scale Digital Luggage Scale
    Sold Out

    Digital Luggage Scale

    The simple to use, portable, Electronic Luggage Scales make holidays easier than ever before. Jetting off on holiday can be stressful enough without having to guess if your luggage exceeds...
    R 380.00
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